Property Preview Service

It's highly likely that purchasing a property will be the single most expensive acquisition you will make in your life. Therefore, getting an honest second opinion before purchasing is vital, as this advice could help you avoid making a costly mistake. James Samson Property offers two affordable property preview services.

The basic property preview service is available to clients all over the United Kingdom. This service provides you with a comprehensive report of your intended property purchase and outlines the local demographics, the realistic value of the property and how you could maximise the property's future potential.

Our full property preview service is only available to clients wishing to purchase property in Bath, Bristol and Somerset. On top of the previously outlined report, this service also includes us viewing the property, where we will take realistic photos and record a basic video tour.

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Making The Right Choice

Buying property or any high-value asset can be an emotion-led decision. In these situations paying for an honest second opinion is often worth it.

James Samson Property negotiates property deals on a regular basis and therefore is well placed to advise you on the property market within the United Kingdom.

Basic Property Report

If you're after a second opinion, then we will compile a suitability report on the property you intend on purchasing.

This in-depth document includes the local demographics (Crime, Schooling, Transport, Broadband, etc.) and whether the property is near a flood risk or contaminated land.

We will advise on the property's value giving examples as well as bidding tactics, you may wish to use. Also included is a list of ideas to raise the property's value.

Basic Property Report
Full Property Preview Service

Full Property Preview Service

Building on our comprehensive report, the full preview service includes us visiting the property in Bath or Bristol, to fully assess the opportunity.

Where possible, we will record a walk through video tour, which will either help you to fully appreciate the property, should you have already viewed it or help you to see what the property actually looks like, should you be located overseas or unable to view. A range of photos will also be taken by us, enabling you to see the property's true condition.


The price of our property preview service is affordable, especially when considering the downside.

For just the report, the fee is £50 and usually is delivery within 72 hours.

The full service including the report, viewing, photos and video tour costs £250.